Internet Architecture

April-July, 2022


(1)      Class on April 5th is cancelled.

(2)      The first class is April 19th.

(3)      Allocation of presentation days by students.

l  Comments from students

(4)      Recorded files  


  • Time and Location (帪娫丒応強)

o   Tuesday, 16:50-18:35 (壩梛 5

o   Full Online

  • Cancel of class
    • April 5th, 2022
  • How the class goes ?
    1. For April 19, 26 and May 10, 17, presentations by Esaki

                           i.      file-01(opening) 

                         ii.      file-02(Internet-by-Design)

                        iii.      file-03(Cyber-Security)

                        iv.      file-04(SDGs with the Internet)

                          v.      IGCJ Security by Internet document in English, in Japanese

                        vi.      Presentation file of Prof.Lawrence Lessig





                           i.      20 min per person (plus Q&A 10 min)

                         ii.      Pick some topic related with the Internet (technology, business, policy or governance)


    1. Reports

                           i.      Mini Report on April 19.

                         ii.      Topic, that you presented in the class by ITC-LMS, until July 25, 2022.