Internet Architecture

April-July, 2018

  • Time and Location (帪娫丒応強)

o   Tuesday, 16:50-18:35 (壩梛 5

o   Room 241, Building No.2, Department of Engineering (岺妛晹2崋娰  241崋 島媊幒)

  • Cancel of class
    • We may not need a class on July 17
  • May 29 is Friday's class (as school calendar)  
  • How the class goes ?
    1. In April (10, 17, 24), presentations by Esaki

Ø April 10, 2018 (file-01) 

Ø April 17, 2018 (file-02)

Ø April 24, 2018 (file-03)

uIGCJ Security by Internet document in English, in Japanese

(*)Updated again, so that no-show students are allocated on July 17.

Ø 15 min per person

Ø Check attendees every class from May

Ø Pick some topic related with the Internet (technology, business, policy or governance)example of topics

    1. Final report


  • Final Report

1.    Deadline : 17:00, July 27(Fri), 2018

2.    Destination: Administrative office of EECE at Eng.No2 Bld, 4F.

3.    Content of report can be about your presentation at the class.   Or, you can pick up the other topic.  The length of report would be 5-6 pages (or more).


  • Contents of Class in 2016 (just for your information)