Internet Architecture

April-July, 2020


(1) Information of Zoom for the class  

(2) Allocation of presentation days by students.

(3) Summary&Response of Mini Report on April 14 via ITC-LMS.

(4) Recorded files  (I am sorry to forget to record on April 28乧..)

(5) Report on April 28th, 2020  /  (Prof.Lessig乫s file)


  • Time and Location (帪娫丒応強)

o   Tuesday, 16:50-18:35 (壩梛 5

o   Room 241, Building No.2, Department of Engineering (岺妛晹2崋娰  241 島媊幒)

  • Cancel of class
    • n/a
  • How the class goes ?
    1. In April (7, 14, 21 and 28), presentations by Esaki

                           i.      April 7 and 14, 2020 (file-01) 

                         ii.      April 21, 2020 (file-02)

                        iii.      April 28, 2020 (file-03)

u IGCJ Security by Internet document in English, in Japanese

u Presentation file of Prof.Lawrence Lessig

                           i.      20 min per person

                         ii.      Check attendees every class using ITC-LMS <>

                        iii.      Pick some topic related with the Internet (technology, business, policy or governance)

    1. Reports

                           i.      Mini Report on April 14.

                         ii.      Topics given at the class on April 28th.

                       iii.      Topic, that you presented in the class